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Terms and Conditions of Sale at our Curtain Agency

Items are left at Curtain Call at the Customer's own risk and no responsibility or liability is accepted by Curtain Call for any loss or damage.

Items are to be presented for sale in good condition. Curtain Call reserves the right to decline any items it deems unsuitable for sale.

Items will remain on display for 8 weeks. After 6 weeks Curtain Call reserves the right to reduce the selling price of any unsold items.

After a period of 8 weeks any unsold items must be COLLECTED within 7 days of the agreed collection date. Uncollected items will be donated to charity or otherwise without prior notice or payment to the Customer.

It is the Customer's responsibility to contact Curtain Call to arrange collection of any payment and the return of any unsold items. Curtain Call does not contact the Customer on sale of any items, nor to advise when items are out of time.

Upon the sale of any items within 8 weeks, the Customer receives 40% of the selling price and Curtain Call receives the remaining 60%.

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