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Single Curtains

Please see below for the single curtains we currently have in stock

single curitan second hand curtians

Ticket Number: 4416 J


Description:  One single grey curtain with large embroidered flowers - some sun fading on leading edge

Number of Pairs:  1 single 

Header:  Triple pinch pleat 

Lining:   Lined and interlined

Width: 6' 4" or 193 cm 

Drop: 83" or 211 cm  

Price: £190 REDUCED TO £80

Ticket Number: A101 D


Description: 1 single silver curtain with a black abstract pattern

Number of Pairs: 1 single 

Header: Triple pinch pleat 

Lining: Lined blackout lined 


Width: 3' 11" or 119 cm

Drop: 89" or 226 cm

Price: £140


Ticket Number: 4444 E


Description: 1 single silver curtain with a black border on the bottom edge.

Number of Pairs: 1 single 

Header: Double  pinch pleat 

Lining:  Blackout lined and interlined  


Width: 8' or 244 cm

Drop: 102" or 259 cm

Price: £240

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